About me

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Described as a "modern Renaissance woman," I am a singer and dancer driven to bring the movement, sound and stories of jazz to life.

Born in New Jersey, USA, I grew up in the suburbs of the Big Apple in a big Ghanaian and Irish family! There was always plenty of music: from stride piano by my grandfather to West African high-life, Irish folk music to disco and soul.

After nagging my parents, and sneakily dropping a handwritten note to my music teacher, Janice Hofreiter, I started piano at 8 and while I loved Beethoven, Bach and Chopin, Gershwin quickly became my favourite.

In creating connection in music and dance, I curate performances that have the purpose of blending cultures, much like genres, such as jazz, have done for decades. As a singer and tap dancer, I motivated by the story-telling power of jazz and its potential for connecting people across national borders.

The “sweet spot” is where these two worlds - creative strategy, music and dance overlap. While I am an advocate for “art for art’s sake” and growing as a performer in the traditional sense, I am inspired most in spaces where art and music can expose new thinking and creativity in other sectors!