About me

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Described as a "modern Renaissance woman," I am a singer, dancer and creative thinker!

Born in New Jersey, USA, I grew up in the suburbs of the Big Apple in a big Ghanaian and Irish-background family! There was always plenty of music: from stride piano by my grandfather to West African high-life, Irish folk music to disco and soul.

After nagging my parents, and sneakily dropping a handwritten note to my music teacher, Janice Hofreiter, I started piano at 8 and while I loved Beethoven, Bach and Chopin, Gershwin quickly became my favourite. I continued to play and study with Janice, yet in the spirit of a well-rounded American student at the Pennington School, a prep boarding school in New Jersey, I swam competitively for the school & Eastern Express, studied hard with a love for history and physics, as well as sang in the choir throughout middle and high-school.

When it came time for university, I chose Georgetown University in Washington, DC, particularly for its mantra of “Cura Personalis” or care for the whole person. As a global Jesuit university, the school embraced and actively promoted well-rounded education - so it was common to see footballers who sang, or swimmers who played piano, or physics’ gurus debating politics. Thanks to several music classes and a clever course on the history of jazz in America, after a semester overseas in Morocco, I dedicated the last two years in university to performance.

Since Georgetown, I have lived in over 10 countries and would describe my interests as combining creative strategies to improve the world we live in and creating connection through performance in music and dance. In creative strategy, I am a gifted speaker who works with public, private and international organisations to improve cities through advising entrepreneurs and “game-changers” on vision-building and team management.

In creating connection in music and dance, I curate performances that have the purpose of blending cultures, much like genres, such as jazz, have done for decades. As a singer and tap dancer, I motivated by the story-telling power of jazz and its potential for connecting people across national borders.

The “sweet spot” is where these two worlds - creative strategy, music and dance overlap. While I am an advocate for “art for art’s sake” and growing as a performer in the traditional sense, I am inspired most in spaces where art and music can expose new thinking and creativity in other sectors!