Described as a "modern Renaissance woman" in the Pennington Magazine and featured as an alumni spotlight by the Center for International Education Exchange (CIEE) for "Inspiring Social Change 2014," my broader vision is to use my voice for integrating a diversity of experiences to create sustainable cities and communities. Working in different cultures in over 10 countries has challenged me to adapt and integrate quickly to new environments. Integral to this adaptation and integration, is my continued involvement in performance through the medium of jazz music and dance; which draws on a variety of cultures and an attention to how the different influences best complement one another.

As showcased in a TEDx talk on jazz in the city, I use my voice as a  "cultural broker" for building partnerships with different organisations, jazz clubs, teachers and historians in Berlin.  This has contributed to similar performances and projects using arts to promote creative communication and team-building for social enterprises. This includes most recently, participation as an UNLEASH Global talent (Denmark, 2017) and speaker at the UNLEASH Innovation lab in Singapore 2018 ( 

Opening the UNLEASH Innovation lab in Singapore with "It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got that Swing," Kwami super-charged 1000 talents with some food for thought as they begin a transformative week developing solutions to address the Sustainable Development Goals!

The Blues in Black & White, a multi-media performance installation in collaboration with Natasha Kelly, showcases the works of women in the blues and their connection to Afro-German poet, May Ayim. Performed at the Hallesches am Ufer Theatre in Berlin and the Ausland Festival in Berlin (images below).